Republic of Korea AI Strategy

Mid- to Long-Term Master Plan in Preparation for the Intelligent Information Society Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution(2017)

Overview of the strategy

  • Establish a national data management system that facilitates machine learning
    – Convert public data to open data connected to private and public data platforms
    – Facilitate the adoption of private cloud computing and platforms by large corporations holding data by reforming relevant laws
    – Support services that match data-owning with data-analyzing businesses
  • Find different measures to support the distribution and utilization of data by data type
  • Support data analyzing businesses in the four data types of search, location, purchase, and social media data
    – Introduce big data learning programs and certificates
  • Invest in research and design to promote AI technologies
  • Increase support and foster innovation in AI research methods
  • Reform research and development effectiveness by disclosing machine learning data through national R&D projects

Data governance in the strategy

  • Does the AI plan mention data governance?

Yes; the Republic of Korea’s plan explicitly addresses data governance.

  • Does the AI plan discuss open public data?

Yes; the plan suggests converting public data owned by the government into open formats amenable to machine learning and ensure their public disclosure. Public agencies and organizations should also identify and disclose their own data.

  • Does the AI plan discuss proprietary data?


  • Does the AI plan discuss personal data?

Yes; the plan suggests a government program that allows businesses to share the personal information of their clients with other businesses, subject to clients’ consent.

  • Does the AI plan discuss the mixing of data (hybrid)?


  • Has the government consulted with the public on its AI strategy?

Yes; Open Public Seminars were held six times, from June to September of 2016, to prompt and disseminate public discourses regarding the strategy.