India AI Strategy

National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIForAll (2018)

Overview of the strategy

India’s national AI strategy four ways forward to harness the power of AI:

  • Research and application of AI:
    – Provide fiscal support to establish a research center focusing on AI research
    – Provide PhD fellowships, incentivize collaboration among academic institutions, and provide faculty fellowships
    – Set up a common cloud platform for big data analytics
    – Reform IP law pertaining to AI
    – Create a space for international collaboration
  • Re-skilling and training
    – Create a national skills qualification framework and standards for AI related jobs
    – Incentivize colleges and schools to adopt AI related classes into their curriculum
    – Establish a committee to examine and report on the future of work
  • Accelerating Adoption of AI
    – Establish a platform for the sharing of public data in machine readable format
    – Explore partnerships and crowdsourcing to help annotate data
    – Be visible in AI related initiatives to foster collaboration and help policymakers realize AI’s full potential
  • Responsible AI Development
    – Set up ethics councils at the established research centers
    – Implement a data protection framework and create sectorial guidelines
    – Help establish research into ethics, privacy, legal aspects, social sustainability, and global competitiveness

Data governance in the strategy

  • Does the AI plan mention data governance?


  • Does the AI plan discuss open public data?

Yes; the strategy suggests establishing platforms for making datasets in the area of the social sector (either collected during implementation of a scheme or in normal business processes) available for open public use in a machine-readable format.

  • Does the AI plan discuss proprietary data?

Yes; the strategy lays out the concept of a data marketplace that would address some issues associated with proprietary data like the original owner being compensated for the resale of data. 

  • Does the AI plan discuss personal data?

Yes; the strategy suggests the government implement a data protection framework and collaborate with industry to develop sector-specific guidelines on privacy.

  • Does the AI plan discuss the mixing of data (hybrid)?


  • Has the government consulted with the public on its AI strategy?

No; however, India has had a public consultation on the Government Open Data Use Licensethat is used to access, use, and share open data. Also, the Indian government is currently holding a public consultation on draft e-commerce guidelinesuntil September 16, 2019.