Many nations have started to publish national AI strategies. Since Canada released its strategy in 2017, 11 other G20 members have followed suit, but each nation has approached their AI strategy differently. The Digital Trade and Data Governance Hub has examined these strategies and produced two documents. The first provides an overview summarizing main goals of each national AI strategy, and the second provides an analysis of how each strategy deals with data governance with respect to AI. Our analysis shows that there is no one formula to achieve a national AI strategy. Thus, strategies range in focus and cover aspects such as funding, research, infrastructure, ethics, jobs, standards, and data governance. These documents are current as of August 2019 and will be updated every 6 months.

G20 National AI Strategies Overview

G20 AI Strategies on Data Governance

Below are the G20 countries with each country’s AI strategy. A more in-depth look at G20 and their data governance strategies can be found in our G20 data governance overview.

CountryAI Strategy
ArgentinaNo dedicated plan
Australia2018-2019 budget announced a four-year investment to support the development of AI in Australia
BrazilNo dedicated plan
CanadaPan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy (2017)
ChinaA Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (2017)
FranceFor a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence: Towards a French and European Strategy (2018)
GermanyAI strategy (2018)
IndiaNational AI Strategy (2018)
IndonesiaNo dedicated plan
ItalyWhite Paper on Artificial Intelligence at the service of citizens
JapanArtificial Intelligence Technology Strategy (2017)
MexicoTowards an AI Strategy in Mexico: Harnessing the AI Revolution (2018)
Republic of KoreaMid- to Long-Term Master Plan in Preparation for the Intelligent Information Society Managing the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Republic of South AfricaNo dedicated plan
RussiaNo dedicated plan
Saudi ArabiaNo dedicated plan
TurkeyNo dedicated plan
United KingdomAI Sector Deal (2018)
United StatesAmerican AI Initiative (2019)
European UnionCommunication on Artificial Intelligence (2018)