Canada AI Strategy

Pan-Canadian AI Strategy

Overview of the strategy

Canada’s AI plan is a five-year plan that designates $125 million in investment to Canadian AI. The plan is led by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR). The strategy largely focuses on AI research and increases in talent.

Main goals:

  • Increase the number of artificial intelligence researchers and skilled graduates in Canada
  • Increase collaboration between partnering AI institutes
  • Develop global thought leadership on the economic, ethical, policy and legal implications of advances in artificial intelligence
  • Support a national research community on artificial intelligence

Overall, the strategy seeks to enhance Canada’s international profile in AI research and training through increasing the productivity in AI academic research and collaboration among AI institutes in Canada to attract and retain outstanding AI talent in Canadian universities and industry. This strategy hopes to eventually translate these AI research discoveries in the private and public sectors leading to socio-economic benefits for Canada.

Data governance in the strategy

  • Does the AI plan mention data governance?


  • Does the AI plan discuss open public data?


  • Does the AI plan discuss proprietary data?


  • Does the AI plan discuss personal data?


  • Does the AI plan discuss the mixing of data (hybrid)?


  • Has the government consulted with the public on its AI strategy?

No; however, the government did consult with its citizens on Canada’s Digital Charter,which covers data governance.